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Our retreat will provide a place of rest, encouragement and spiritual support. It is intended to be a focused time to rest, walk through personal struggles or marital issues, prevent/revive pastoral burnout and cultivate emotional healing. Our retreat is also a time to laugh, strengthen relationships, be refreshed, grow deeper spiritually, and renew purpose.

Leaving the retreat refreshed is a priority. Because every guest is unique and has their own way of “relaxing and unplugging,” we believe each should have an experience unique to them. We have many options for each guest to choose from allowing us to create a customized retreat experience.

How It Works

1. Email us to check available dates and book your stay!

2. You will receive an email with a survey shortly after booking your stay. Please fill it out as accurately as possible to help us get to know you and create a retreat tailored to you!

3. Show up for an amazing retreat!


Please email us for details regarding the cost of our retreats. We recommend 2-3 days to optimize your retreat experience.

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Our newly renovated cabin is surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery. Check out the many amenities included with the retreat!

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We have a variety of activities available to you included in your stay!


"Michael and I spent a weekend at Fox Hill Retreat, not knowing what the weekend would entail. We knew Kyle and Tarah but not very well. We knew the mission and vision for the retreat but didn't know what each day would involve. If you are like us, do not worry! When we arrived, we instantly felt welcomed and loved. The cabin was cozy, and we felt spoiled. 

During the retreat, I was pregnant with our third son, and we were gearing up to add another family member into our family. The Lord also put several dreams and goals in our hearts, and we wanted to discuss those with Kyle and Tarah. They shared their testimonies with us and encouraged us. They gave us advice and wisdom we could take home with us. The Lord knew we needed them at that moment. We have since left and started taking steps to pursue those dreams and have transitioned into being a family of 5. 

I am thankful for our weekend at Fox Hill Retreat, and Michael and I are eager to have another weekend there soon. It is a place you want to keep coming back to recharge and feel equipped and encouraged."

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