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About the Farm

Fox Hill Retreat is located on 10 acres bordering the Skunk River, north of Story City, IA. Fox Hill’s property is a mixture of scenic prairie and groves of trees, which is also home to chickens, ducks and goats. A walking path winds around the perimeter of the property along with an elevated hunting shack which can be used to relax and observe the wildlife. 

Fox Hill is near surrounding small towns which allows opportunities to explore local restaurants and shops, but secluded enough to allow time to unplug from the busyness of daily life.


Meet the Trosens


We are Kyle and Tarah Trosen. We're North Dakota natives who have put down roots in Iowa along with our 5 amazing kids. Family, laughter, adventure, authentic friendships and Jesus are important to us. Over the last 16 years, we’ve pastored youth ministry, college ministry and have been involved in church planting. Throughout marriage and ministry, we’ve seen the need for rest and encouragement in our own family, as well as those around us. Seeing that need spurred our hearts to launch Fox Hill Retreat.


We are passionate about our mission at Fox Hill because, life is hard. Just like many people we’ve been through the highs and lows of marriage, family and ministry. In the highs, it was easy to stay encouraged. In the lows, hope was harder to see. It was in those low moments that God sent us life-lines; friends, mentors and sometimes even strangers that spoke life over us. People who took the time to listen, pray, encourage and tell us, “Hey, you’re going to make it!”

Our prayer is that God would use us to be those life-lines for others who are struggling and needing a little hope.

With over 30 years of combined ministry, pastoral care and pre-marriage/marriage counseling experience, in addition to countless hours navigating through their own personal, marriage, family and ministry struggles; Tarah and Kyle provide a unique perspective, offering a safe space for vulnerable conversations to take place and lead towards healing and restoration.

Mission & Beliefs







Instead of a large retreat center which houses numerous guests at once, Fox Hill has just two locations. The first is "The Cabin" which is used primarily for couples and individuals. The second is "The Cottage" which is used to house families and smaller staff retreats. By doing this, we hope to allow a more secluded getaway and quieter atmosphere.

We believe it will allow more opportunity for us to get to know each guest on a deeper level. Our desire is that the friendships that are made, wouldn’t be limited to the retreat setting, but carry into life afterwards.

One of our favorite verses is 1 Thessalonians 2:8 “We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.”

Our prayer is that every individual, couple & family that comes to Fox Hill Retreat will see the hope of Jesus clearly. That no matter what they are walking through, they will be reminded of our God who is always near, never-changing and is on our side. We also hope that they will leave feeling like they have made lifelong friends and have found a place to be vulnerable—a home away from home, where they are always welcome.



We believe that every guest is unique and because of that, each should have an experience unique to them. Every person has not only their own style “relaxing and unplugging” from life, but also is walking through their own personal set of challenges. We will have a variety of activities to choose from allowing each guest to customize their experience, making it the most refreshing and impactful stay possible.



We believe that guests will experience breakthrough, healing and renewed purpose. Our hope is that retreats at Fox Hill would not only be refreshing, but would also be just the beginning of what God wants to do in each person.

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